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Elevating Healthcare Professionals and Available Resources - The Latest on COVID-19 and Pain

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, new research is emerging that provides insight into acute pain implications in the onset of COVID- 19 infection and the complications and long-term impact of the disease on chronic pain. This complimentary virtual course will explore, through nine sessions over three days, various aspects of COVID-19, from the role of the healthcare provider, review of the current science on management, through to the understanding of the patient’s journey and their decisions in self-management. The event will unite the pain community in education, exchange of novel ideas, and promote engagement across care communities on the complexities of pain and COVID-19. 25. 5 CE/CME credits will be available.

Learning Objectives for Program:

  • Identify the relevant dimensions of assessment for COVID-19 in disease progression and pain syndromes
  • Discuss the maintenance of existing chronic pain regimes in conjunction with the management of COVID-19 Onset
  • Discuss recommended NSAIDS and other non-prescription pharmacologic therapies in the management of COVID-19 Pain
  • Discuss prescription pharmacologic therapies in the management of COVID-19 Pain
  • Understand and manage the concerns of COVID-19 patients from self-diagnosis and treatment in early onset
  • Understand the impact the longer-term pandemic has had on the patients' biopsychosocial model for consultation strategies